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Cost vs. effectiveness: a reliable plane is a better choice than dozens of personal parachutes

The charter air service is in a position where it can not only provide faster and more custom service to travelers, but help them understand the practicalities of the craft they're riding in. Many inexperienced passengers, for example, might feel uncomfortable while flying and wish they had their own parachute.

But according to a post on, via Gizmodo, this kind of system wouldn't help anyone and would be ineffective in practice, even if it is something of an attractive idea that might calm the nerves. 

In reality, many passengers using their own parachutes as they jumped out of the plane would be disastrous. Not only is the use of a parachute more complicated than simply shouting "Geronimo!" and pulling the cord, the amount of training needed would be impossible to give every flier on a standard aircraft.

Other factors cited by the article include the size of parachutes, which make them rather difficult to transport, and the difficulty in timing a jump correctly.

However, as this blog has pointed out before, smaller planes might be able to make use of whole-craft parachutes that work better in dangerous situations.

In Colorado, a pilot in one such plane was able to avoid complete disaster by using a full parachute during a troublesome landing. It may not have left the entire plane intact but it did keep him safe. 

But this is just one example of how passengers can use the facts of travel in a charter plane to dispel fears that might prevent flight plans in the future.