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Chinese air traveler maximizes perks all year long

Some people simply like to fly, and enjoy the perks they get from the comforts of travel. A provider of air travel solutions has an obligation to make sure the experience they provide is a happy and memorable one.

There's a story that has appeared in (via the other source Kwong Wah Yit Poh) about a Shaanxi area man in China who has been using first-class level perks in order to dine indefinitely at the airport. Basically, he kept rescheduling the first class ticket that allowed him access to the airport's exclusive lounge for an entire year, so he was able to enjoy his perks over and over again.

This might seem like a story about a con-man gaming the system to some. But to us, it just demonstrates the lengths someone is willing to go to be served. An air charter service might not be able to guarantee passengers free food for a year, but it can at the least let them indulge themselves in the comforts of a private aircraft and crew that gives them exactly the attention which they desire. 

This isn't to say that those who are able to exploit these little gaps in the system should necessarily be rewarded for doing so, just that it doesn't always have to be interpreted as a threat to the industry. The big thing to takeaway is that customers like to be spoiled, and the privacy of a charter plane can be an airborne equivalent of the private lounge, where the traveler feels they have special privileges and the luxury of their own time.