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Bringing personal style to air travel

While crowded commercial jets make it difficult for travelers to look their best all the time, private plane providers, especially an airplane charter in NYC, offer passengers a better opportunity to be themselves and relax. It's a part of the custom travel experience that puts the focus on the traveler's time and personal habits. 

For some, this is a surprisingly urgent issue. Writing for Slate, J. Bryan Lowder describes the reason he prefers to dress up when traveling. He says that the way people dress while on the move can help make the entire experience more pleasant and allow them to "embrace travel as a process." It also shows that the traveler has put more thought into what is going on around him or her.

Though Lowder is mainly concerned with the "here and now", others associate this emphasis on presentability with the period often called "air travel's golden age," the 1950's and 60's. The Boston Globe recently quoted Thor Johnson, who once worked for Pan Am and has fond memories of the way that both passenger and crew used to dress for the occasion.

"It really was as glamorous as it looks," he said. "We served those beautiful meals, and people dressed up when they got on the plane. There were dress codes, but people would have dressed well even without rules."

Although Lowder says that public space is what makes dressing nice so important, the freedom of private space helps passengers create their own comfortable environments. When traveling to a place as fashionable as New York City, it's a benefit to be able to dress the part.