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Baltimore looks to promote tourism in tri-city initiative

Soon, more people may visit Baltimore, Maryland, as the city attempts to drive up its tourism numbers. The Associated Press has reported on a travel initiative between Baltimore and two other cities: Anaheim, California, and San Antonio, Texas, through a program called "Synchronicities."

The program looks to drive more attendees to conventions in these different cities by taking advantage of their separate locations and encouraging planners to consider them for major events. The travel convenience can encourage other attractions to develop and continue the pattern.

In addition to encompassing the west, east, and central areas of the United States, these three cities each have attractions to offer families and other visitors.

But even on the east coast, Baltimore is not the only city attempting to increase its tourist appeal. Not far from Maryland, the Milford Beacon has reported on Delaware's efforts to follow a Maryland initiative called Tourism, Art and Downtown Development, or TADD. Six areas within this state have already joined.

The Beacon quotes the executive director of Downtown Milford, Inc., Lee Nelson, who emphasized the way that different states can work together to promote similar interests.

"Tourists don't particularly stop at border lines, county lines or city lines," Nelson said. "They're looking for interesting things to do in all of these areas. The idea is for all of us to help each other."

As part of this, visitors should consider making arrangements with a local, Maryland-based private jet service, especially if they are traveling from Delaware or another neighboring state.

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