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Are airplane peanuts on the way out?

One of the oldest known cliches of air travel in the United States has been the bag of salted nuts that is handed out to passengers, something we often think of when we imagine airplanes, right up there with perky flight attendants and the droning voice of the captain.

But the cavalier attitude that some airlines may have toward slinging these salty snacks might result in a problem for those travelers who suffer allergies or may be sensitive. What can a private jet offer in this regard?

Perhaps the sort of service that guarantees these crucial details aren't overlooked. It's not just about comfort: careless providers could put passenger lives in danger this way.

A recent New York Times article on parenting addresses this issue by pointing out the very real danger this poses when peanut allergies are not fully recognized by staff members.

The article mentions a disastrous incident in which a woman who had already informed the crew on the flight she was taking of her peanut allergy actually went into shock. Even though the government is supposedly considering more regulations around this topic, and some airlines have their allergy rules posted on their website, it seems that customers are still tasked with most of the work in this area.

To work around this, you might consider a private jet charter service to reduce the instances of possible contamination. It doesn't have to be a direct exposure to pose a threat to you and your family, which is why the safer environment of a private aircraft can offer a greater peace of mind.