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American Airlines looks to thwart scammers with new lawsuit

Not to toot our own horn too much, but there are some problems that smaller, independent flight providers are simply less likely to run into, compared to brands that are in the public eye.

American Airlines may be one of the most famous providers of air travel in the country, but that doesn't mean it hasn't been undergoing its share of problems, especially with its proposed merger with US Airways, which is being challenged on the grounds that it may violate antitrust laws.

While that battle continues to play out, another legal issue has presented itself, this involving a practice among some companies that is allegedly harming the reputation and brand of American Airlines. According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, nearly $7 million has been procured from customers who were tricked into surrendering fees for the promise of travel perks they never actually receive.

Because these offers make their way to ordinary people who might not understand them, it's possible that a traveler for either pleasure or business might come away unsure about the nature of the company they will be putting their faith in.

When one decides to charter a private jet, it's possible to check in with the professionals involved in your travel and ensure for yourself that the information you receive that appears to be from your company actually is and doesn't end up with you being led astray by imposters offering false deals.

While a major provider like American has to iron out the kinks of its gigantic plans, Easton is proud to be friendly enough to communicate frankly and provide service that is easy to access and not labyrinthine.