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Airlines recognize the strain of bad weather

It almost seems inhuman for a major airline company to insist on performing in the midst of weather that will almost certainly cut its service abilities short. It's important the plane providers realize what the passengers are going through in these situations and respond appropriately.

In response to the recent reports of dismal weather hampering travel around the holidays, USA Today reports that major providers like United Airlines, American Airlines, and JetBlue will be allowing travelers to skip certain fees caused by the delays and re-routing that weather problems inevitably bring with them.

This is a sign that airlines are willing to acknowledge the conditions affecting their customers and not just proceed as if nothing has happened. The new policies are both a reaction to the reality of holiday travel and to the condition of "Winter Storm Boreas," the Weather Channel's name for the cold and disruptive weather now bearing down on much of the nation.

A good charter airplane service might act this way as well because it realizes the connection between user satisfaction and the airline's own continued existence.

Some of the airline providers involved have turned to Twitter to send the message out to fans, and others have different approaches to the ways that customers can get the same kind of air service they paid for without an extra charge, depending on when they received their tickets and how many changes they need to account for.

But attention to detail and compassion for the consumer can extend into other areas as well, and the more focused staff you encounter when you charter a private jet might be naturally attuned to how to provide these as storm conditions shift and require operational adjustments.