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Aircraft Charter

Easton Aviation’s Pilatus will take you there.

charterside_interior A private East Coast trip to an airfield of any size can be achieved easily with the Pilatus PC-12 model of plane. Corporations and families looking to charter a private jet for safe and comfortable travel can be put at ease by the specific features and capabilities of this aircraft. Furthermore, your reservation with Easton Aviation, LLC, can be made quickly and conveniently online in order to leave yourself time for other travel preparations.

Some of the specific qualities that could make the Pilatus PC-12 the best choice for you are both benefits of technology and luxury:

  • Designed for speed and accuracy: Boasting fine Swiss construction and a cruise speed of more than 320 miles per hour, the Pilatus PC-12 can reduce the stress of booking and enable a faster arrival at the landing strip of your choice, in both metropolitan and rural areas.
  • Spacious, eight-passenger cabin: All occupants will have access to seats that can move around and recline, as well as the space necessary to “move about” unimpeded, and an onboard bathroom, even for short flights.
  • Business class-quality service: Privacy and ease are available to travelers on this plane, and can provide a relaxing distance from the stressful procedures that factor into commercial air travel
  • Safety and durability: Short-range flights should not be any less safe than longer trips, and your safety is a chief concern of our company.
Executive travelers expect a high quality of attention no matter which region of the country their business takes them. Check in with Easton Aviation, LLC, to determine availability and rates of usage as you start to plan for the various excursions that your work or vacation requires. An equally viable means of getting to a removed beach resort or a bustling urban center, the Pilatus PC-12 can be seen as a high-quality solution for professionals and families unsure of which private jet service is most appropriate for their needs.